Too Close to Touch: a to z challenge


The boyfriend and I have been to lots of concerts. When was the last time that the first band was good? I cannot even remember.

Too Close to Touch was the first band to play at the I Prevail show. I don’t usually expect too much from the first band. They were really good. They could sing and play their instruments. The singer had a minor microphone malfunction but he was finally able to get the problem solved. He didn’t run off the stage crying or anything.

In fact, they kept playing and even came out into the crowd. I think my boyfriend ran into the singer. The boyfriend was trying to start a mosh pit so he was running into people all night.

I also caught the drumstick. I mostly ran around telling everyone in Cleveland that I caught a drumstick.

There were some chicks talking about how they feel old when they see all of the new chicks. I laugh a little inside because 1. I’m forty 2. I caught the drumstrick. 3. I chased the guitarist down the hall. So take that 40! I think I kicked 40 in the arse. πŸ™‚


But that’s not all.

I met the guitarist, Mason. Well, I chased him down the hall a little bit. We took some selfies.

Basically, we had the best time ever. Well, I did anyway. The boyfriend spent some time trying to catch a peek of the Blackberry Smoke concert.


Too Close to Touch also has a new album out called “Nerve Endings.” You should totally buy it. Then see them in concert. Maybe you could chase the band members down the hall and get a selfie with them too.

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  1. Did he succeed in moshing? xD 40 is a cool age!
    Elizabeth Mueller
    AtoZ 2015
    My Little Pony

    1. He did succeed! πŸ™‚

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