Fall to June CD Review

fall to june

Until recently, I have never heard Fall to June’s music. Odds are that you haven’t either. They have just released their self-titled debut album.

The first song on the CD is “Redemption.” I wasn’t crazy about the lyrics but I was hoping that the rest of the CD was better. The song seemed to fall flat. I’m not sure if it was the singing or just the lyrics.

The rest of the album was better than the first song. The songs, “Super Angel,” and “Barbwire Trees,” are more along the lines of what I like. I think the singer’s voice sounds better – more emotionally charged. It’s as if Fall to June likes this song better too. I feel like they cares about the rest of the songs. It makes the music better when the musicians are into the music.

Fall to June’s music reminds me of how Three Days Grace sounded a few years ago. The band members used to be in Cold and Shinedown.


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