Remember the Lilies: Book Review


I’m going to do something that I rarely do – write a review of something that I don’t like. It’s not that I hate the book. It’s not that it wasn’t well-written. It really was. The book just missed the mark, as far as character development.

Remember the Lilies could have been a really great book; however, I think the author got so caught up in trying to get the message across that the book sounded preachy.

There was one character, Aunt Anita, who should have been the most likeable, sympathetic character. Yet, I didn’t like her. I wanted to like her but she was always delivering a sermon. So it was difficult to know her and like her.

The main female character, Irene, was wishy-washy. She was supposed to be a strong female character but I didn’t believe it.

I liked the main male character. He wasn’t a Christian in the beginning but he was the most likeable and real person in the book. I believed what he was saying and feeling.

The book is supposed to be a romantic war story. All of the feelings and emotions of the characters felt a little forced and fake. I just didn’t believe anything about what the people were supposed to be feeling. It was disappointing to not be reading a romantic war novel.

It was another case of liking the cover and the idea of the book more than the book. This was not the book that I was hoping it would be.

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