Mayhem Festival Wish List


I’m probably going to get in sooo much trouble for saying this but I’m not overly excited about the Mayhem Festival lineup this year. It’s not that there is anything wrong with any of the bands. It seems like if you’re doing a big festival, you should have a few more bands that will draw a large crowd. People should not be thinking, “I’m not going because I don’t like the lineup.”

I’m just not sure if I really want to 2 hours drive to Detroit to just see the one band that I want to see. Oh yeah, so far there are no Ohio dates -not even Cleveland. It’s a lot of time and money to spend on one band and maybe liking another band. I’m all for hearing new or new-to- me bands, I really am. But is it worth the effort? I could spend all of the time and money on going to see a band that I really want to see.

So what bands would make a good addition to the lineup? The chances of adding some bands are not likely, which is a shame.

I made a list of five bands that would be good additions. I know it won’t happen. Maybe next year.

1. Sevendust. It’s on my bucketlist. They are pretty kickass. I missed out on seeing them a few years ago. It was my own fault and it haunts me still.

2. Nothing More. I’ve heard that they have a great live show.

Nothing More (l-r) Paul O’Brien (drums), Jonny Hawkins (lead singer,drums), Daniel Oliver (bass, backing vocals), and Mark Vollelunga (guitar, backing vocals)

3. Lacuna Coil. My boyfriend has worn out the CD. So that’s a good sign, I think?

Lacuna Coil:

4. While She Sleeps. Alas, they are on the Warped Tour.

5. Drowning Pool. I’d like to see the new singer and his mohawk in concert.

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