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Blog Conferences or Living in a Box: #NaBloPoMo


Are you going to the BlogHer conference in July? What part are you most excited about? What are your fears?

Unfortunately, I am not going to the BlogHer Conference this year. I’m not going to the Type-A Conference either.

This summer, I will be moving. I’m not sure where yet. However, I have to be moved by August.

I have some boxes for packing. I’m hoping that I won’t be living in one of the boxes because cardboard does not hold up in the rain. My days are usually spent looking for a place to live.

The other part of my day today, I will be buying packing tape in bulk. Why is it that I always think I have some around here? Why is it that I’m always wrong about having packing tape?

There is one blog conference that I can probably attend this year – only because it is in my backyard. Thank goodness the Bloggy Conference is at Cedar Point again.

The other big event that I’m attending is not a conference. Warped Tour here we come! I’m pretty excited about going and possibly meeting some people. If I can’t find a place to live, maybe I can sleep on a tour bus this summer. (No, not really. But it does sound like it would be fun if I was 20ish. I am soooo not 20ish.)

Although, I will be totally jealous of everyone that can attend the conferences, I need to focus on not living in a box.
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