Psssst. . . . I have about Ten Minutes of Quiet Time Left . . . .


Summer vacay is here. For the kids. They are having a wonderful time. This week, they’ve only whined about two times apiece so that’s 6 instances of whining. I will take it.

I really only have about ten minutes left before they wake up and take over the universe aka the Internet. It’s ok because I have laundry and packing to do. And then more laundry and packing.

Has anyone else left a bag outside of the car and driven off without it? Then did anyone also have the bag stolen within 20 minutes of leaving? Quickest. Thieves. Ever.

Have fun at the beach thieves! Hope you enjoy my book that I was almost finished with. Sorry, I forgot to leave the sunblock for you but you’ll have some nice bathing suits at any rate.

Needless to say my kids received some snazzy new bathing suits and beach towels. It all worked out in the end.

The kids have also been reading quite a bit for the summer reading program. I’m so happy to see them read a book instead of play video games.

I wish that someone took a picture of me at the end of the night – falling asleep with my sunglasses still on. Maybe it’s for the best. It’s a happy sort of exhaustion I think.

So I’ve been published on Sammiches and Psych Meds again. It’s a post about my dad. It’s similar to the last post about him but not exactly.

5 responses to “Psssst. . . . I have about Ten Minutes of Quiet Time Left . . . .”

  1. Wow. Too bad about the thieves. What a shame but at least the kids lucked out with new suits. Enjoy your summer and your laundry!

    1. I wanted to cry for about 5-10 minutes. Then I pulled myself together. 🙂 Shopping therapy. lol

      1. Yes, that does help!

  2. Oh no! How terrible! And, good luck with your dad.

    1. Thanks Mary!! It was terrible but it wasn’t a total loss. 🙂

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