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#WeekendCoffeeShare: Music, Netflix and Books.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that

  • I bought a new coffee maker. It has been a complete lifesaver. I would not have made it without you coffee maker . . . or I would not have made coffee without you.
    • “Orange is the New Black” is the best thing ever on Netflix. If I didn’t have to sleep or work, I would be finished already. I took a personality quiz. It said I was Red. Last time, I was Yoga Jones. Maybe I need to do more yoga to get back to being Yoga Jones. OR maybe it’s ok to be Red.

    I need this coffee mug. Neeeeed it! It matches my new coffee maker.

  • My boyfriend worked at a music festival this weekend. I went on Saturday to hear some bands. This band in the picture was my favorite.040a
  • Because . . .
  • 062a

Who wants to follow that? Anyway, I also don’t want to follow that either so I’ll end it by giving you their website link.

Check out their music here. .


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