Motivation to be a Sanding Queen: #NaBloPoMo

Do you have trouble getting motivated to put ideas into action?

No, I am more than ready to put ideas into action. I start out with an idea. Then I obsess about how I can get the plan completed.

I’ve been talking about doing pallet beds for at least a month. My boyfriend will say that it feels like more.

I’ve even talked about doing actual math in order to finish the beds without having to re-do it all. It might be worth doing math so that the beds don’t fall apart or look ridiculous. I don’t want makeshift beds. . . wait I looked up makeshift beds on Pinterest. They look spectacular. This is not what I think of when I think of a makeshift bed.

I meant that I don’t want to the beds to look like they are put together with a couple nails, some spit and a prayer.

So I’ll do math and measuring.

Then it will be time to conquer sanding. I will be the Queen of Sanding by the time it’s finished. That’s the plan so far.

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