Summer Reading Challenge #2: Snow


The second challenge of Nerd in the Brain’s summer reading challenge is to read a book with a one word title. For this challenge, I chose “Snow” by Orhan Pamuk. It’s the winner of a Nobel Peace Prize in Literature.

So that should tell you that it’s excellent.

It took me longer than usual to finish this book. It’s much different than what I typically read. I was determined to complete this book no matter what – even if I wasn’t totally interested in the political or religious topics. I think I will have to look up the history of Turkey in order to understand some of the issues. You can still enjoy this book without knowing. I’m just a nerd in that way.

The book dealt with politics, religion, love. If it wasn’t for the love stories, I might have given up. Thank goodness for love.

“Just a small town girl – living in a lonely world.” Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.


  1. I keep adding books faster than I can read them!! Unfortunately I have some epically bad exams to grade this weekend so no reading for me 🙁

  2. reocochran – I am experiencing crazy and hapless adventures in dating that may interest people over fifty. I am now 65 this year (2017) and enjoy taking photographs, incorporating stories or poetry on my blog. I have many old posts which are informative and written like essays. I have several love stories collected from family and friends. Even strangers spill their stories, since I am a grown version of the girl next door. I have been trying to live a healthy lifestyle with better food selections and active hiking and walking. I have written four children's books and illustrated them. They are not published but a battered women's shelter used one about neglect and abuse for their children's program and a 4H group used my "Kissing a Bunny is like saying a Prayer" as a coloring book. Please comment or respond so I may get a chance to know you. Sincerely, Robin
    reocochran says:

    I have not read a one word title for awhile. My recent favorite was The House Girl. It has a modern story about a lawyer seeking reparations for slavery and a girl slave who learned how to paint, her mistreas takes credit for the art and then how the past converges on the present. Carolina or “Lina,” is the lawyer who meets an ancestor of Josephine, the house girl. I will see if I can find Snow.

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