My Boyfriend Should be the Music Blogger: #NaBloPoMo/#DailyPost

Do you write only for yourself, or do you use your blog to try to connect to other people?

In the beginning, I wrote mostly for myself because I had only a handful of followers. So it was like talking to myself for quite awhile.

Since I didn’t want to talk to myself all of the time, I learned how to connect with other people. It’s not my strong suit but I try.

If my boyfriend had a blog, he would have thousands of followers. People just like him. He’s very friendly and sociable. Did I mention the excellent sense of humor? He doesn’t seem to ever get rattled by anything. It can be raining on his sound equipment and he just casually gets the tarps out like it’s no big deal.

Crazy idea alert: I should make a blog with his name and picture on it and see what happens. I could follow him around to get a few quotes. I already take a ton of pictures of him. He would be an excellent music blogger. I have no doubt. He could do the interviews and I could type it up and take a few pictures. Boom! Done!

Lucas, future  possible entertainment blogger
Lucas, future possible entertainment blogger?

Not really, he wouldn’t be into that idea too much. However, I do take him along on most of the adventures (aka concerts) that I attend. There was a time that he took me along. Back in the day, he would say “Hey, you wanna go to this show?” Most of the time, I said,”Yeah. Maybe. I have to check my schedule.” Then I’d beg and plead with my co-workers so I could go to the show. It’s still like that – I still rearrange my schedule on a regular basis.

So I think the answer is that I try to connect with other people, even if it’s only Lucas and the kids. I use the blog as an excuse. It goes like,”Can I talk to you? I have a blog.”

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