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Today I Hung a Curtain


Then I could not find a screwdriver. By the grace of God, I remembered where there was a tiny, tiny screwdriver. It wasn’t very efficient for this job. The screwdriver probably thinks the same of me.
In desperation, I tried to hammer the screw. I knew it would not work. I was still hoping that it would.

Then I called the cable company 4 times. The call was dropped 3 times. I hung up on them once. Finally, a kind cable company lady called me back. One worker even told me she could not connect me to technical support. She’s a liar.

WiFi, why you no work? I miss you so much! My kids were going to riot but they discovered playing and drawing.
The kid found the nail polish so our nails look very bright and pink. I should take a picture of my nails and the drill, whenever I find it.
The day was not a total loss.

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