True Story: # nablopomo

What are three things that you know to be 100% true?

1. Kidney stones are painful. They are the size of a pebble but have the power to make adults cry like a kid who just got tangled up in the wheels of their bike. I’d rather get scraped up by the bike.

2. Cardboard does not hold up well after it gets wet.

However, here are some cool things to make with càrdboàrd.

3. Teenagers will always beg to go to rock concerts. The answer is usually, “No. It’s on a school night.” If you’re me, then your teenager will say, ” But it’s not fair. You’ve seen Korn. And you went to Warped Tour. ”

To which you reply, “I’m 40. I’ve also missed a lot of concerts. There will be more concerts.”

I am 100% sure that there will be more concerts.

Being As An Ocean
Being As An Ocean

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