My Kids Love that Jingle.


Every city and town contains people of different classes: rich, poor, and somewhere in between. What’s it like where you live? If it’s difficult for you to discern and describe the different types of classes in your locale, describe what it was like where you grew up — was it swimming pools and movie stars, industrial and working class, somewhere in between or something completely different?

My kids and nephew break out into song on a regular basis. For the last few months, the jingle is on heavy rotation. I can’t picture the farmers I knew doing the online dating thing but whatever works.

I kind of like going to those old country bars. There are people there and real jukeboxes. I wonder if that one bar still has the go-kart track.

I grew up around farms- crops and livestock. It was a little bit like “Charlotte’s Web” with the county fairs and farms. My grandma worked at her family’s farmer’s market when she was growing up. Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit her green thumb. I’m still trying though.

Some of my former schoolmates are farmers now. My first boyfriend in junior high is a farmer. His dad was a farmer.

There was that one time that a kid drove the tractor to school. It was a real tractor, not a  rinky-dink lawn mower. Only in the country. You won’t see that in any big city.

This farm was on my bus route. Since I live closer now, I can actually visit. They have corn mazes in the fall. I foresee a corn maze in my children’s future.

I also foresee a Johnny Cash video or two in my future.

“Just a small town girl – living in a lonely world.” Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.


  1. I like that jingle, too! I live in a rural area full of pick-up trucks and country music stations. My students come to school in muddy boots and jeans, having worked all night birthing calves or getting a tractor out of the muck. LOL

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