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The Outer Vibe Interview: Blog Talk Radio
The Outer Vibe

Pictured (Left to right): Nick Hosford – Lead guitar …Lisa Kacos – Trumpet, Keys; Sean Zee – Vocals; Andrew “Wonderboy” Dornoff – Bass and Noah Snyder – Drums

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So the interview went pretty well. You can listen by clicking the link up above and make your own decision. It took a bit longer to get to the point of doing the actual interview than was expected.

Unexpected things happen . . . like there was a bat in the house this morning . . . very unexpected. Luckily, there were not any bats during the interview. There weren’t any margaritas either. Next time . . . Next time.

Back to The Outer Vibe. They were so much fun to interview. They are just fun people in general. Can I just take them along on vacation or tag along on their vacations? #awesomesauce

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