Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: Nerd in the Brain Summer Reading Challenge


Dear Nerd in the Brain,

I apologize for taking two months to read this book – “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.” The challenge was to read a book that was published in the year I was born. “Zen and The Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” was published in 1974.

I’m not sure why it took so long to finish the book.

No motorcycle riding or events kept me from reading. It would have been much cooler than moving to a new house or taking the teenager to band camp.

There was much talk of philosophy as it relates to taking care of a motorcycle.

I almost gave up on trying to finish this book. Apparently, I’m not interested in philosophy or motorcycle parts. There is that whole beauty vs science thing. Some people appreciate the beauty of something but not the science that makes it beautiful.

For example, the Internet is made of code. Lots of code to make it all look shiny. Lots of code to make it fast. The Internet wouldn’t be so shiny and fast if it wasn’t for code and science. I took a coding class once. Coding is very precise and exact. There is no room for interpretation.

I hated the coding class more than anything. It was disappointing. I wanted to be in love with code. Coding wasn’t that into me and vice versa.

However, I do appreciate everything that coders do to make the Internet beautiful.

Also, the parts of the book about Buddhism and the story that the author tells about the main character and his son made the book worth reading.

Thanks for letting me turn this in late. I don’t expect any credit or cool dragon bags.




P.S. If anyone reads this book, you have to read the afterword. It is a must.


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  1. Hnmm i have had those book sitting on my bookshelf for around 7 years. . Maybe i should pick it up just to see.

  2. I loved this book.

    By the way, it took me nearly a year and a half to read “The Fountainhead”. Books take as long as they take.

  3. So much yes to this: “Some people appreciate the beauty of something but not the science that makes it beautiful.” 😀

    You’ve totally made me want to read this book (which I probably should have done already, but I haven’t). 😀

    P.S. – I also detested coding…given my love for math and science, I expected to love it, but I was very, very wrong in my expectations. 😉

    1. Yay! I’m glad people want to read or re-read this book. It really was very good. 🙂

  4. Anything which brings Zen into your life is a blessing. I tend to let things go while rushing sround. My ideal life would be to go out and get paper off porch, make coffee and grab some time to savor and read a book. 🙂

  5. I literally thought about reading this book a couple of days ago. It fits in with my current fascination with the life and work with David Foster Wallace. Thanks for reminding me to add it to my list, but with such a lackluster review of it, I must wonder WHY I am adding it. I guess I’ll just see for myself.

    1. It’s me not the book. Many, many people love this book. 🙂

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