The Real Deal: #Blogtember

The real you vs. the online you. Are they the same or different?

My online me is almost exactly the same as the real life me. If only you guys could see me napping, “forgetting” to do the dishes and driving badly, then it would be so real. It’s all me just in various forms. Some days I wear more makeup than other days. Other times, my biceps look very Amazon-like or python-like. When did that happen? I’m not even working out or anything. Obviously. 🙂 However, I’m not above selling tickets to the gun show.


This is pretty accurate.


Yes. Also true. This is how my mother has seen my face from age 8 until the present.


That one time I ate ravioli out of a martini glass. Of course, it’s on film.


This is me sans ravioli. I should always wear this hat. It’s so fancy. 🙂

I found Koji! :) He is awesome! One person can make a difference.
Yeah, the camera, wrist-bands and cartoon t-shirt are real things that I have on a regular basis.

4 thoughts on “The Real Deal: #Blogtember”

  1. You are lovely!! 🙂 I love that silly things are on film, like the ravioli!! Awesome. Me on blog vs me in life is pretty much same same too., I am slightly censored on my main blog due to my MIL reading it..,.,and my husband hasn’t told her we are seperated but thats his issue, I am just otherwise as I am.

    I love your hat! I need it for the comming aussie summer.

    1. Thanks! I was censoring myself for a long time. Then I decided against it even though my mom reads it. I do love the hat! 🙂
      Your husband hasn’t told his mom that you’re separated? Wow. That sounds like a story waiting to be told.

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