Skip Challenge: What Reminds You of You?


What reminds me of me? What reminds me that I’m still in here at the very core of me?

  1. Going to the beach
  2. My backpack with the patches. It’s been with me since 1995.
  3. Dancing around the house. Whenever Janet Jackson’s “Pleasure Principle” comes on, it’s on. There will be dancing.
  4. Photography. I just can’t stop.
  5. Drawing.
  6. Driving across bridges. Totally freaking out just thinking about it.
  7. Cheesy jokes. I still laugh too loud and too long.
  8. Shopping for books.
  9. Packing for a trip.
  10. Staring out at the trees or water.
  11. Seeing myself in the things that my kids do.
  12. Going to comic book conventions.
  13. Cooking badly
  14. Joking around with people.
  15. Making my kids laugh is the best thing ever.
  16. Bitches be trippin. Meaning me. I’m clumsy and trip over everything and nothing.
  17. The temper. It’s sneaky.
  18. Tears. Also sneaky.
  19. Clowns. A clown followed me on Instagram today. I was a little jumpy and then I followed him back.
  20. Hearing certain songs remind me of feelings and people. I can’t move on until the song is over. For example, most Aimee Mann and Jewel songs. And that one Sugarland song. Ok. Two Sugarland songs.
  21. When I see moms struggling with their children and groceries at the store. Been there. I don’t miss all of the screaming and crying. My kids get so embarrassed when mommy has a tantrum at the store.

4 responses to “Skip Challenge: What Reminds You of You?”

  1. Great list, and I can’t stop giggling 🙂

  2. I must’ve been tired this morning because I couldn’t figure out how to leave a comment, but I figured it out now, I win! I love that your list thought to incorporate stuff that makes you fear and pause and think– how perfect… all of that builds who we truly are. You’ve given me inspiration to update mine! <3

    1. Yay!! I inspired someone!! 🙂 day complete. <3

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