A Day with Me: #blogtember

A day in the life. Take us through it with you.

Alarm clocks. I think we have three now. Lately, I’ve been turning off my boyfriend’s alarm clock. oops.

If I’m not at work, then I’m taking the kid to school. She thinks people are jealous of her Batman bookbag. I think she’s right.


Most days are spent writing and drinking coffee.

Being As An Ocean
Being As An Ocean

On days that are especially excellent, I get so close that I cannot stand it. He may have dripped some sweat in my direction. I’m okay with that. It’s weird, I know.


Then there’s this guy. We’ve been playing Guitar Hero this week. Guess who wins?! He totally wins. He also knows how to turn the Playstation on and make the games magically appear on the television. It’s been a struggle for everyone else.
I’m still trying to get past the Easy Level before I get booed off the stage. My kid is a heckler too.


Taking pictures.


Listening to music


Doing our nails. Note to self: We’re almost out of fingernail polish remover. Buy it in bulk if possible.

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