You Have Not a Leg to Stand On: Book Review


This book was not what I thought it would be. For some reason, I thought it was about a female swimmer fighting the odds against something.
It is not about a female swimmer. Although, there is a female on the cover, the book is not even about a female.
The book is about a man who becomes paralyzed after a càr accident. He also becomes an alcoholic.
I had some issues with this book that kept me from liking it. The timeline jumps around a lot. It is hard to know when things have occurred.
The author maybe missed the point of why he wanted to write this book. He isn’t a believer in any religion so he didn’t write it to convert anyone. He skirts the issue of why he becomes less depressed and stops drinking. He mentioned one thing that helped but it was an understated event. Was it the whole reason?
Mayer’s kept saying how poor they were. However, in the next breath, he would talk about traveling and renovating homes. I don’t think he knows what poor really means. I wonder if he has ever been too poor to buy cotton balls or bread.
He talks about his wife but never refers to her by her name. For most of the book, he calls her his “little wife.” In my opinion, the term “little wife” was really irritating.
I would rather read a book about her side of the story. She probably would not call him her “little husband.”
I finished the book but it was a struggle.

* I did receive this book in exchange for a review. It’s probably not as positive as the author would like but it is honest.

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  1. Wow. Sounds like my dad’s life, accident – disabled – PTSD- turns to alcohol – we were super poor and alcohol is super expensive when you’re poor, but still we went without stuff so he could drink. I could probably write that better. Although my dad’s ending sucks. There would have had to have been something pretty damn special for my dad to have gotten better, a miracle if you will, he can’t ever deal with how disabled he is hence the alcohol, still.

    1. You probably could have written it better. Sorry your family had to go through that.

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