Do you have people whose opinion  you trust implicitly?


In real life, I trust about ten people. In the internet world, there are maybe five bloggers that I trust.

When it involves babysitting, there are about three people on the list – who are already on the top ten list.

I used to trust everybody. I thought that everyone told the truth. Trusting people didn’t work out so well.People lie all of the time.

Even my kids lie when asked about the whereabouts of my tweezers. The tweezers reappeared yesterday after a few weeks of asking who has the tweezers. They were under a set of shelves.  It wasn’t who the child that I thought would steal my tweezers.

So here we are . . . a regular Debbie Doubter with out of control eyebrows.


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2 thoughts on “Who Do You Trust? #NaBloPoMo

  1. I have also learned about to trust or not in the hard way.
    I do only trust very few souls, but all get the chance to show, if they are trustworthy. Sadly, but not many pass…..

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