Eva Under Fire: Sleep Deprived Music Review

eva under fire

Eva Under Fire released their album, War. Their record label is Golden Dragon Records. Their music is rock and roll. Emphasis on the rock.

Yeah, I think it is a good album. I was going to see them live but they cancelled. Since they from Detroit, there is still a possibility of seeing them sooner than later.

The music is not necessarily different from other bands. However, it’s still a pretty rockin’ album. I can see myself dancing around the house while listening to it.

Every song has a lot of energy. It could be the album that keeps me moving even though I’d rather be sleeping.

The band sounds like if Lita Ford if she was the lead singer for the Black Veil Brides. It’s not a totally bad idea. . . .

The band members are as follows:

Amanda Lyberg – Vocals
Rob Lyberg – Guitar
Jeff Llewellyn – Bass/Vocals
Corey Newsome – Drums
Chris Slapnix – Guitar/Vocals

I really do enjoy listening to Eva Under Fire. My favorite song was “Good Morning Misery.” I would recommend this album to other people. Please go listen to it. If I had to give the album a rating, I would give it a  3.5 out of five stars.

You can find Eva Under Fire on Spotify, Google Play, Bandcamp, etc. You can also find t-shirts and other merchandise on Bandcamp.


Eva Under Fire on Twitter

Eva Under Fire video

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  2. I gave it a listen, very nice. She has an ‘aching’ voice. Interesting choice to use the bow on the guitar.

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