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The book that I read  last week was My Trip to Adele by Ahmad Alyaseer and Rana Alyaseer. The authors are siblings, which is pretty interesting. They originally wrote it in Arabic and then had it translated to English.

The book is available on Amazon. I read it with the Kindle app.

There are three sets of people trying to make it to the Adele concert in Verona. Everyone is traveling from different parts of the world.

The married couple, Yaser and Mariam. They are trying to fix their marriage and Adele might be the key.

Nadia, a divorced mother and her son, Waleed. She has gone through so much to take a vacation with her son. Adele is his favorite singer.

Elias, who is searching for his long lost love, Malika. Many years ago, they talked about meeting at an Adele concert someday. They didn’t know when or where. If they did meet up at the concert without speaking for many years, it would be a miracle.

It was fairly good. There were a few typos, which is common. I think some of the typos were from being translated to English.

I liked the idea of the characters going to the same Adele concert. I wondered if they would all make it and also if they would meet each other. All of the characters have some special story about why they love Adele – I mean, who doesn’t? It’s important for all of them to make it to this show. They all think that it could change their life in some way.

The characters were from different places and backgrounds – Jordan, Las Vegas and Morocco, which I liked. It’s boring when everyone is the same. Some of the best parts were descriptions of the different cultures.

The characters were believable for the most part. I wanted them to make it to this concert even though it seemed impossible for some of them. I can related to the mother who cannot get her vacation approved.

Adele’s song lyrics are in the book – usually at the end of a chapter. The lyrics might have been overused a bit although they all fit in with the story line. They seemed to be more of a filler, like when they were using long quotations just to fill the page.

It seemed like the some of the characters were underdeveloped.  The authors could have gone into more detail about characters and settings. It was difficult to get a sense of what each person looked like. I thought that the female characters could have had more depth.

I still cannot picture what the Nadia, the divorced mother, looks like. Her character talked about her ex-husband more than she talked about herself. So unfortunately I can imagine him being real more than  her.

The idea that I thought the book was trying to convey was that music can make a similar impression on people from all walks of life. It has the ability to connect people who are separated by thousands of miles.

I don’t think the book changed my mind about anything. It makes me wish that I could go to more concerts. Concerts might not change the world but it lets people escape their lives for a few hours.

*I received an e-book in exchange for a review from

“Just a small town girl – living in a lonely world.” Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.

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