Sheer Mag: Sleep Deprived Music Review


I love Sheer Mag’s first album, Need to Feel Your Love. Today, I was looking for an album to listen to but nothing caught my attention. Then I heard Sheer Mag.

A few years ago, I went to Columbus. Sheer Mag was also in Columbus. However, I didn’t know until the next day. It was disappointing to say the least.

The band always exudes so much energy. It draws me in every time. Whenever I hear them, it’s like there are fireworks and lightning bolts in my brain. It’s not a stroke. Maybe it’s love.

There are not too many bad things about this band’s music. I know, I’m in love with this band. It would be nice if they expanded their range a little bit. It’s hard to fix what isn’t broken but they could throw a few new things in their arrangements. No one wants them to be in a musical rut.

Of course, I highly recommend Sheer Mag. Listen to their albums. Go see them in concert. Take me with you. Then repeat the cycle.


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