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I want to go to this MakeWar show more than anything. However, I would have to go alone.

So I either go by myself or bribe someone to be my concert-going friend. Damnit. I might have to be a strong, independent woman. Honestly, my biggest worries are that Suri will lie to me about the directions and also that I won’t find a parking spot for my very mom-like mini-van. The chances of having to parallel park are pretty high. The chances of being able to parallel park are so very low.

What’s the going rate for bribery these days? What are the odds that I’ll find a super cool Uber driver that also likes punk rock? Does it matter if the only friends there are in the band? I mean, they aren’t my IRL friends yet but I’d like to make it happen.

I’ll let you know what the verdict is later. Whatever happens, it will be fine. In the meantime, check out this interview that I did with my soon-to-be new friend, Jose from MakeWar.

MakeWar Interview

Do you have a favorite cheap beer? Good beer?

Cheap beer is the best type of but also depends on what part of the world you are. For example, in New York, the cheapest beer is probably Coors Light. You can get it for 4 bucks at the best bar in Brooklyn -the 3 Diamond Door. So that is the best beer to drink specially in the summer. In New Orleans, you’d go to Erin Rose and get the best pint of Guiness for 5 bucks. If you are in Mexico, the best beer down there is Victoria and its also the cheapest.

Could a wall really keep punk rock out? Let’s hope not.

Well… punk rock is about breaking the rules and taking down walls. So no I dont think a wall will keep punk rock out. I also don’t really know what you mean… like you mean a wall will send me and Edwin back to South America? Cuz we are staying here. Fighting the good fight from within.

And in regards to our brothers and sisters south of the border (the real ones not the fake one in between the Carolinas) they are the strongest of them all. If they want / have to come in they will. They ain’t afraid of walls. We all know walls always come down. Humans are stronger than any wall you’ll put in front of them. Punk rock is about unity not separation. We are just gonna keep spreading the good vibez and keep doing triple kickflips on top of any wall you put in front of us.

If you had to choose: hang out with boyfriend/girlfriend on his/her birthday or go see MakeWar/your favorite band? For the sake of argument – he slept through your birthday last year and has plans on your birthday this year.

Birthdays are important. But seems like he didnt care about yours. So come to the show. We’ll list ya!

How does one get discovered in a snowstorm? Did Brendan Kelly save your life?

I’m a big believer of “shit happens for a reason.” I also don’t believe in god but i believe in good vibes and good energy. Sometimes your shows are gonna get cancel because of shitty snow storms. Sometimes that snowstorm will come with a night of getting drunk with Brendan Kelly and playing some songs and getting your band sign to a super rad label with super rad people in it. Life is cool. Make the best out of everything. Even the shitty snow storms.

How do you live to fight another day?

I take CBD daily. Drink super green smoothies every morning. I go swimming or running at least 5 times a week. I tell my girlfriend I love her at least twice a day. I talk to my parents at least once a week. Do yoga once a week. Sleep 7 hours a day. No shooters on school nights. Eat more veggies than meat. Drink more water than whiskey. Drink more mezcal than normal tequila. Bring a Nintendo switch on tour. Take a shower every day. Poop everyday. Work hard. Be nice to people. Play harder.

Who designs your merch? I’m in love with the koozies, even though I don’t drink beer.

Thats Brunosky! He is a rad dude from philly. He does alot of shit for the menzos too. Koozies are the best. Keep your drink cold and your hands warm.

What do you do in your downtime?

See question 7. haha

If you weren’t a musician, how would you make a living?

Well. We don’t make a living playing music. YET. Haha. We all hustle our own ways. Edwin and I went to school for graphic design so that’s what we do when we are home. Greg is a great bar tender. But he just got accepted to a cool doctorate program at a cool university in Portland, Oregon. So I guess he is a good scholar now. Nerd.

What bands kickass in concert?

The Lillingtons!!!! 666 <3

Is there anything that we should know about MakeWar?

We might change our name to MakeParty. Fuck War. We like to party wooooooowwowowowo.





“Just a small town girl – living in a lonely world.” Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.


    1. holley4734 – “Just a small town girl – living in a lonely world.” Concert tickets are practically essential. Musicals are the key to life. I like movies, music,books, and corny jokes.
      holley4734 says:

      Thanks! They really do have a good sense of humor. 🙂 I think they’re my soul mates. Kindred spirits maybe?

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