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MakeWar’s album, Developing a Theory of Integrity, came out in 2016. Sometimes I discover bands because of listening to other bands. I was watching Punks in Vegas on YouTube. If you haven’t seen their videos, you should check them out.

Punks in Vegas

Anyway, Jose of MakeWar is on Punks in Vegas. He was pretty awesome. So of course, I wanted to check out his band.

The first song on their album is “Matador Pool Party.” I’m hooked on this band just based on their song titles. It’s like we are kindred spirits or something. You know, when you find a band that you can relate to, you should hold on tight. Don’t let go, Jack!

I’m fairly sure that the song, “Don’t Panic,” is going to be my new anthem. This album was awesome from top to bottom.

MakeWar website

Developing a Theory of Integrity on Spotify

MakeWar on Punks in Vegas


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