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Oh my glob you guys. I love Paris Monster! They were going to be within driving distance of my house in June but instead, they are going to Europe. No one could blame them. Anyone would pick Europe over Ohio. Unfortunately, there’s not enough time to get my passport to follow them across the Atlantic Ocean. (I’ve only been procrastinating about the passport for 17 years. Procrastinators can be patient.)

However, if I were you I would not procrastinate when it comes to Paris Monster. Go listen to their music, watch their videos.

Read this interview with Josh and Geoff from Paris Monster!

Which would you choose:

  1. French toast
  2. French bulldog
  3. French Quarter

PM: French Quarter

Where was your 1st show?

Our first show was at a party at a private recording studio north of NYC. Afterwards, we stayed up there and began recording our first EP “It Once Had Been Kind”. That EP has our song “A Vision Complete”, which we recently performed live in-studio for Meinl Cymbals. You can find that on our YouTube page. Our setup and live show has changed and developed a lot since that first show, but we still feel like we’re at the beginning of something. That’s a nice feeling that you hope continues, in fact.

Are you looking forward to going overseas in the fall?

Absolutely! We’ll be in the UK in September and continue on to Europe in October and November. We cross the Atlantic a few times a year and always enjoy playing for new audiences, trying the local cuisine everywhere we go, and getting to know people who we might see again on the next trip. We’re particularly excited about playing in some new place this time around (Poland!) and hitting some places that we had great shows in the past (London, Newcastle, Malvern just to name a few)

Are Geoff’s “No” t-shirt and Josh’s jackets the official band uniform?


Do you think that people are afraid to try playing or listening to new things as far as music?

It’s certainly easier not to try. But there are a lot of adventurous musicians and listeners out there. Anyone can be this type of artist or listener, but it is a decision. As far as our own music–what’s the point if we’re not trying new things? And when we play or record, we owe it to the listener to give them the benefit of the doubt–to assume that they’re willing to take a chance on our music. If someone puts on our music, that act quite literally says that they’re willing to listen. And so we owe it to them to write truthfully, play boldly, and to do it all without caution.

Josh: How did you discover that you could play the drums and keyboard at the same time?

started practicing drums with a keyboard so I could sing and hear chords. That turned into making little videos of songs. Soon after, Geoff and I started playing together. We narrowed it down to the Dave Smith Instruments Mopho, which became more of a synth bass/lead line vibe. That became a part of the writing process as well.

Geoff: Who is your favorite Star Trek character?

I have never watched Star Trek, but a few of the modules in the eurorack modular synth take their names from Star Trek and other science fiction sources (Vulcan, Spock, Mind Meld, and also Dalek), so perhaps I should familiarize myself.

What do you want people to know about Paris Monster?

We have a new album recorded and ready to go. We made it down in Nashville co-produced with Owen Biddle and Josh Kaler. We’re excited for people to hear it. We’re already writing the next one. In the meantime, we hope to see everyone out there on the road! We have a busy 2018 tour schedule, and we’re adding even more dates.


Paris Monster website

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