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If there was a club that I could support 100%, it would be The Bae Beach Club is really a Canadian surf rock band – not a nightclub on the beach or a club just for you and bae. Why wouldn’t anyone want to get behind a group that is all about surfing and everything beach-related? Of course, The Bae Beach Club is also about music and love. They have an EP, Our Escape, that is available on bandcamp.

Recently, The Bae Beach Club did this interview with me. They might even let me join the club someday.


Who is currently in the lineup?

Currently, our lineup is KiKi singing vocals and playing rhythm guitar, Chase Donoghue playing drums, Noah Rastegar playing lead guitar and Damian Birdsey playing bass.

Do you have a favorite Canadian beach?

Yes for sure! It’s a pretty close tie between Crystal Beach in Fort Erie or Sandbanks in Prince Edward County.

Where was your first show?

Our very first show as the Bae Beach Club was at an awesome little festival in St. Catharines Ontario called In The Soil.

Are there any requirements to being in The Bae Beach Club?

blue jeans xD

Does anyone in the group have a bucket list? If so, is there anything interesting on the list?

Riding alpacas into the sunset on the beach – Nayoh

Would you ever go surfing in Antarctica?

Might be a bit cold!!! But yes we are always down for something new.

Have you guys ever been standup paddleboarding? Hopefully, I’m going to go in August.

Yes! Stand up paddle boarding is the best! Last time we went we had a freestyle competition. Chase was the one with the best moves. You will love it! Totally recommend.

Tell me something good about your hometown.

Our hometown has a great music scene. There’s a lot going on and a lot of different opportunities to play! Also great food.

Are you really prepared to escape? How long do you think it takes to prepare to really go off the grid?

It takes as long as you want it to, whenever you feel you are ready!

Do you have plans for the summer?

sun & fun (^: music videos, concerts, & a whole lotta love.


The Bae Beach Club EP. Our Escape

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  1. Subscribed to them on YouTube.

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