Sleep Deprived Music Review: Post Season


Post Season will be releasing their self-titled second album on July 13. Why yes, it is on Friday the 13th, which is also tomorrow.

The kids are still sleeping. I thought that a pop-punk album would be a good way to wake up at the crack of noon. Post Season has a potty mouth but so do my kids. Sometimes you have to pick your battles and arguing about cursing was not high on the list of priorities. The mom-tras that I tell my kids are more like, “Don’t get pregnant until you’re 30. Don’t do drugs. Don’t be a jerk.”

The other thing that I tell my kids is to figure out what they like or what they want to do in the future. It’s a struggle for a lot of people to get the ambition or the funds to chase their dreams.

Post Season has some of the same struggles. They want to make music and be able to pay the bills. We probably all know people that have the same issue. Our goals do not exactly fit with the real world. Kudos to Post Season for trying to make their end game into their real lives.

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  1. So much music released on Friday the 13th of July! I reviewed a couple of singles that came out that day. I like Post Season’s music. I have a major potty mouth too, so a little – or even a lot – of cussing in songs doesn’t bother me in the least!

    1. Lucky for you that there’s so much music. 😉 Everyone curses around here – it’s normal.

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