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Last year, someone sent me a link to Get Married’s appearance on Punks in Vegas. They quickly became one of my favorite bands. They released their latest album, Living Room, in June. Get Married also completed their first ever music video. Plus, they are going on tour. It’s a very exciting time for them.

I follow them on most social media – except Instagram but that’s only because Instagram hates me and doesn’t let me follow everyone. You should follow them on Instagram though. They always have cool pics. I don’t even know if they try to be cool. They are just cool – from head to toe. Keep reading to discover more about their love of malted milkshakes and Elvis.




Have any of you been married?

Nope, at least I don’t think any of us have been married. The name is more of a metaphor. For what? Who knows.

Did you enjoy making your first video?

We loved making our first music video. Tommy Calderon is such a wonderful person to work with, and his direction and ability to make everything translate from our minds to film was incredible. Astronauts are cool.

What’s your favorite flavor of milkshake?

Chocolate Malt. They HAVE to be malted milkshakes. Malts over milkshakes, forever and ever. If your establishment only serves milkshakes and not malts, I will not be having a milkshake

Do you think that you’ll tour further east this year?

Well, we are doing the east coast on this US tour we’re about to do, but hopefully we’ll get back out there again as soon as possible. The east coast is cool!

Have you seen Elvis recently?

Elvis is all around us. I see him in the mirror, but I’m pretty sure he’s living in an apartment above a little cafe in San Jose’s Willow Glen neighborhood.

Have you ever been to Graceland?

Not yet, but we are 100 percent going on this full US tour.

Where was your first show?

We played our first show in a backyard in Fremont California. We did all Elvis covers and wore the outfits from Jailhouse Rock. Our first show playing our own songs was in a laser tag arena in Dublin, CA.

Would you ever do a punk cover of Jagged Edge’s “Let’s Get Married”?

We almost NEVER agree on a cover song, so we usually don’t do them. I’m gonna have to say no…

What do you hope to see while on tour?

Hopefully, we just see some things we haven’t seen before! I know we are all excited to see Sun Studios in Memphis, and I’m pretty sure Randy NEEDS to eat at the Seinfeld Diner.

What do you want people to know about Get Married?

We just wanna play rock and roll and have fun playing music with our friends and be friends with everyone we meet out on the road. If you run into us, come say hi! We’d love to meet you.


Get Married on bandcamp

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