Interview with . . . Nepotism

This is the first texting interview that I’ve ever done. The band, Nepotism of South Carolina, was cool enough to text me before a show. They are busy people. Also, musically, they are no joke.
Welcome Nepotism to the blog!
Nepotism band

Are you guys here?

Yes, we are! Hey!
I’m so happy that you made it!
Yes, we are so excited!
Who is here today?

D here


And Alex

So I have a few questions if you are ready? It’s fairly painless. 😉
We are totally ready!

Does nepotism ever really work out in the end?

Lol is that the word nepotism or the band?

The word.





Where was your 1st show?
We played in Greenville, SC.

For an event called YSWN.


Very electric night.

Where is the best place to eat in South Carolina?
It depends on what you are in the mood for

Always love good BBQ

There are alot of great BBQ places

It’s hard to narrow one down lol

Fair enough
Have you guys ever walked on the Appalachian Trail?
We haven’t just yet lol
How do you pronounce Appalachian? I thought it was appalaytion for a long time.
Based on preference. Some people live in Oregon, pronounce it one way, while someone else pronounces differently. We don’t think there is a grand difference.
Awesome! I’m totally going to tell my ex from North Carolina that. Not really though. #toopetty
What band do you think brings the funk?
Grand funk railroad!

RHCP – D answered this lol

Who brings the noise?
We do! Nepotism does that yes we do!


True. Very true

What is something that you would like to see change in America?

How long do have?


I know, it’s a tough one.

But honestly, the societal standard placed on people who are honestly looking for better. We would like to see true unity and equality. Not a one sided sense of unity. We have such great examples of working towards that but we have yet to truly get there.

Money can generates a very bad taste which influences a very negative ideals at times too


One last question . . .

What do you want people to know about Nepotism, the band?
Nepotism is a representation of the people, hence our slogan, “We are Nepotism”. ‘We’ entails all individuals.

That is cool.


Thank you guys for taking the time to hangout with me. I appreciate it.

Thank you this has been the most unique experience ever!

Look out for our upcoming single Growing Pains too!!!

Aww. You guys probably say that to all the writers. Lol. Thanks!

Yes, definitely hope to see a live show too. Keeping fingers crossed for a Cleveland date. 🙂

We will see, keep fingers crossed for 2019 dates!!!

For sure!! Take care you guys! Stay safe out there.

Thank you! We will. Thank you so much for your time. We know you’re busy. We are honored to have this interview with you! 🙂



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