5 Post-Apocalyptic Movies on Netflix


I love post-apocalyptic movies. Unfortunately, not everyone in my house wants to watch everything related to the apocalypse like I do. I might be watching too many of them lately because that feeling that we’re not prepared for living off the grid is taking up space in my brain. Is it paranoia or just wanting to be ready? 

Anyway, I’ve listed a few fairly decent post-apocalyptic movies without zombies that are on Netflix. 

Children of Men

In the year 2027, no one is having children. It’s been 18 years since the last child was born. Theo (Clive Owen) is entrusted with escorting a very pregnant Kee ( Claire-Hope Ashitey) to a safe place. But who can they trust? As far as I could tell – only Jasper (Michael Caine) is trustworthy.

Into the Forest

After their father dies, two sisters – Nell and Eva -are alone in their house in the woods. They have to figure out how to survive when the world as they know it is ending. The electricity is out. The food and gas are almost gone. The house is falling apart. This is the movie that inspired me to look up how to live off of the grid. They do alright until a few unexpected things happen.

The Road

I read the book also. When you see it play out in the movie, the story seems so much darker and depressing. It is probably close to what would actually happen in an apocalypse. It is a good book and movie. 

The Survivalist

The Survivalist doesn’t say much – not even his own name. He’s living alone in a remote cabin in the woods. Two ladies arrive at his cabin and he is less than welcoming. Can you blame him though? He doesn’t know if they are going to steal his food or kill him. Of course, he’s right not to trust them. They are plotting against him the whole time but nothing goes the way anyone expects.  

The Rover

A group of thieves steal Eric’s (Guy Pierce) car. Most people would have given up on getting the car back but not Eric. He goes through hell and kills a lot of people to get this car. You’ll probably wonder why he would do all of this for a piece of crap car. Just watch it. All will be revealed. 

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  1. Of the five you mention, I’ve seen “Children of Men” and “The Road,” both of which I loved.

    1. I agree – they were really good. I’ve seen almost all of the post-apocalypse movies on Netflix. Working my way through them all. 🙂

  2. selizabryangmailcom Avatar

    Never heard of the Survivalist or Into the Forest. Thanks! I read The Road too, before seeing the movie. Cormac McCarthy is one of my favorite authors. But one thing I didn’t agree with in the book was the fact that the kid’s mother kills herself when the world ends. I just don’t think the average mother would abandon a kid like that. It goes against all instincts, doesn’t it? Still–loved both versions of that story. As much as one can with the heavy doom and despair suffusing every molecule of the air. The book Children of Men is based on was good too, with a creepy element in the book that they didn’t have time for in the movie, concerning some teenagers and 20-somethings, the youngest people left on the planet, and the consequences of their effed up minds. The Rover surprised us due to the Twilight actor’s acting chops. He was pretty good, right?! Here’s an amusing line from Plugged In: “Robert Pattinson sheds his twinkling skin and then shreds it in this bitter, brutal, dystopian drama.” Lol. How true!

    1. Yeah, I wouldn’t leave my kids. Most moms would fight until the end to protect their kids. Not all moms but most. Robert Pattinson was pretty good. You forgot for awhile that he was a twinkly vampire. 😉

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