Cold Case Quest: Adrian Scott

On Thanksgiving Day 2017, Adrian Scott was the victim of a drive-by shooting. It is doubtful that Scott was the intended target of the shooting. She was just visiting the home on Hiddenspring Drive in Columbus.

She was helping to prepare Thanksgiving dinner when she was killed. Her parents said in interviews that they don’t celebrate Thanksgiving since losing their daughter. They desperately need to have answers, as well as justice for Adrian.

In November 2018, the police released a video of a possible suspect in a silver Lexus coupe. The Lexus was followed by a white Ford Explorer. It seems pretty common that witnesses are afraid to come forward. Her family is hoping that any witnesses will call in with information to help solve the mystery. Crime Stoppers is also offering a reward for information in the case. As always, tips are anonymous.

If you have any information about the Adrian Scott case, please call Crime Stoppers at 614-461-8477  or visit their website at Central Ohio Crime Stoppers.

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  1. You really have to feel for the parents. They need answers in order to make sense of their daughter’s tragic death. Wrong person, wrong place just doesn’t cut it.

    1. It really doesn’t make sense. I hope that the family gets answers.

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