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Vogue: 73 Questions

Vogue: 73 Questions

A week or two ago, my blog friend, Charli, tagged me in a post about answering 73 Questions like in Vogue. Vogue is fancy so of course I’m going to reply.

  1. What’s your usual Starbucks order?
Pumpkim Spice Latte

2. What does your workstation look like?

3. Favorite food?

4. Favorite author?

5. What do you think of open relationships?

Easier said than done.

6. What is your favorite video game?

I don’t play video games. But I used to play the Wu Tang Clan video game.

7. Guilty pleasure food?

popcorn. lots of butter and salt 

8. Favorite movie?

9. Favorite book?

See #4

10. Twitter or Instagram?

Instagram. Obviously. 😉

11. Desktop or laptop?

Whatever works. Desktop is easier for typing, copy and pasting. Laptop would be nice if I traveled more. I also use my phone.


12. Best advice you’ve ever received?

  1. Don’t cook naked. 2. Nobody is worth dying for (as far as domestic abuse).

13. What project are you working on right now?

Besides this post, a cold case post for later this week.

14. Favorite color?


15. Did you get good grades in school?

Yes. Except for math.

16. Dream job?

Full-time blogging.

17. Play any sports?

Only if tennis with the kids counts.

18. Do you have a degree?

I do.

19. Nationality?


20. What is your favorite kind of blog post?

Funny and sad

21. What do you like to collect?

 Books. Funko figures.

22. Describe yourself in three words

Creative, Sassy, Independent

23. If you were a rapper what would your stage name be?

Diz-E Serene Holley P a.k.a. Humble Cakes

24. Who was the last person you DMed?

My middle daughter.

25. What’s on top of your wish list right now?

A vacation to the resort in Dirty Dancing. Also a new car.

26. Sorting house?


27. How many tattoos do you have?


28. What are you most grateful for this year?

My kid graduated from high school and is going to college soon.

29. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you this month?

My garden is growing. Also OITNB has a new season.

30. What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today?

I wasn’t late for anything.

31. What’s the best thing ever?


32. Favorite season?


33. Favorite holiday?


34. What fictional character do you relate to most?

Winona Ryder in Heathers.

35. Do you like surprises?


36. What’s the biggest surprise you’ve ever had?

When I found out I was pregnant. All. Three. Times.

37. Which surprise made you cry?


38. What’s the best surprise you’ve given somebody else?

I bought my oldest a trophy for graduation.

39. Do you like muffins?


40. Do you cook often?

Not really.

41. What’s your favorite dessert?

 Chocolate/Raspberry ice cream

42. Is there a dessert you don’t like?

I haven’t met one that I dislike.

43. Cake or pie?


44. What’s your least favorite food?


45. What’s your favorite condiment?

Ranch dressing or BBQ sauce.

46. It’s 4 am on a random Saturday. What are you eating?

ice cream

47. If you could teach a college class what would it be called?

How to Make Better Choices Than Me.

48. Best animated film?

Big Hero 6.

49. What has a guy done or said to impress you?

My college boyfriend made a fancy dinner. His friend was the butler. I had another boyfriend that played the guitar and sang. Sometimes for me.

50. Best thing to do on a first date?

Dinner. Going for a walk on the boardwalk or downtown area.

51. Worst thing to do on a first date?

hiking. So creepy.

52. Whats the funniest pick up line a guy/girl could use?

If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together.

53. Best comic book character?

Ms. Marvel. She-Hulk. Wonder Woman. Harley Quinn

54. Name 3 things that can always be found in your purse?

Wallet. Lipstick. Migraine meds

55. Favorite drink?


56. If you could play a historical character in a movie who would it be?

Margaret Tudor. Queen of Scots. Sister of Henry VIII.

57. Kittens or puppies?

58. Favorite Sushi roll?

59. What lipstick do you use?

Dark browns/reds/purples

60. What foundation do you use?


61. Blow dry or air dry

Air dry

62. Who is your fashion icon?

Audrey Hepburn

63. Favorite Disney Character?

Ursula. Maleficent

64. What are you doing tomorrow?

Working. Picking up kids. Drinking coffee

65. Movie you laughed the hardest through?

The Hangover

66. Movie that made you cry?

Dangerous Liasons

67. If you could sing a duet with anybody who would you choose

Post Malone.

68. If your life was a song what would the title be?

Making a Mess 24/7

69. What is your favorite animal?


70. Favorite Illustrator?

Too many to list

71. The person you want to have coffee with?

I’m not picky. Come have coffee with me.

72. What country would you like to visit?


73. Best way to decompress?

Watch Netflix. Have a snack. Go to the beach.

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