Sleep Deprived Music Spotlight: DENM


We need to stop winter from coming. I’m not ready. Summer can’t be over already, can it?

According to singer/songwriter/producer DENM, life is too short to worry about small stuff like the summer disappearing.

“When I wrote ‘Life’s Too Short,’ I had no money, nothing was working, and it seemed like I’d hit the final wall,” shares DENM. “So as a form of therapy, I wrote a song about how life is too short – how it all flies by so fast. I mean, I remember being a little kid like it was yesterday. And now I’m an adult. Just like that. I’d been so focused on trying to make it, that I wasn’t even enjoying my life. So I decided to try and change my mindset. I let go. I told myself that I was going to be alright. That whatever will be, will be.”

Things turned around for him. He was signed to Rock Mafia. His new album, Endless Summer, will be out on September 6. I feel like you can’t cry and listen to the album. Maybe this album will be the cure for winter. There’s a cover of Sublime’s “Badfish” that is pretty good. I cannot speak for diehard Sublime fans – they are kind of difficult to please. Give Endless Summer a chance.

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