Betty Who: Sleep Deprived Music Review

Betty Who

Betty Who was on my YouTube feed about a month ago because I was watching NPR’s Tiny Desk series. Of course, I looked up everything else that she’s done because she’s A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Her album, Betty has been available in all of the usual spots since February.

The album feels like a party. Most of the album has an upbeat tempo, very danceable. It sounds like electro pop but with more heart. The lyrics are not shallow. Betty is letting you know how she feels but at a faster pace.

There is one song, “Taste,” that has a familiar beat in one section. At the moment, I cannot remember what song it sounds like.

Betty is from Sydney, Australia but is currently living in Los Angeles.

She has played the cello since the age of four. The multi-talented artist also taught herself to play the piano and guitar. Fun fact: I read somewhere that she is 6’2″. Also her Instragram account is the best.

It’s been hard to find an album that is as good as En Vogue’s Funky Divas for getting ready to out dancing. Betty will definitely be able to fit on the party prep playlist.


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  1. She looks a bit like a young P!nk. I like her sound. Listened to “Taste” but couldn’t identify another song it sounds like, at least one I may have heard.

    1. I still can’t pinpoint it. Good song though. 🙂 She does look a little like Pink.

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