Sleep Deprived Music Review: Cursive


If I were plotting revenge or planning some sort of coup, then Cursive would be on the Coup d’état playlist. In the words of Cursive (and the Cops theme song), what are you gonna do when they come for you?

Cursive has recently released their Get Fixed album. It’s sort of a companion to their last album, Vitriola, which was released last year at this time.

Their music is full of angst but they use it in a positive way. I don’t feel like the angst is a downer. It’s more of a motivational tool. To me it sounds like they are saying, “Everything is terrible but what are you going to do about it? Better do something.”

It’s Indie punk rock. Punk rock can be angry and rebellious. Cursive embodies that rebellious nature. They aren’t happy with the status quo.

Tim Karsher of Cursive made this comment about the new album, ” Also, sure, the absolutely fucking bonkers fist f*#$ this world has been getting with its pathetic, greedy rise of nationalism; yeah, that’s been driving me to put pen to paper as well. You feel like you’re getting pushed around, you want to push back. Not that we’re driven solely by political frustrations, not in the least. But as to the excess of songs as of late? Current events have certainly left their grimy fingerprints on some of the music we’ve written these last few years.”

Cursive if from Omaha, Nebraska. They released their first album in 2000. They have the latest tour dates posted on their website. It’s all in cursive so good luck if you can’t read it.



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