Shadowlands: Sleep Deprived Music Review


Portland Oregon band Shadowlands will release their album- “003”- on November 22. Their music is best described as post-punk/shoegaze.

Their music is a little intense at times. If you can appreciate music that is beyond pop music, then you might like Shadowlands.

Shadowland doesn’t remind me of any other specific bands. However, if the movie “Less than Zero” was being remade, Shadowlands should be on the soundtrack. They have that sort of dreamy vibe – like one of those dreams that you aren’t sure if it’s real. So you start to think “This is my life now.” The band members are Amy and Angie Sabin, Jesse Elizondo, and Casey Logan.

There are some songs that I would like to listen to while driving to a concert – maybe at a hipster bar. A few of the songs, I will listen to while laying on the floor contemplating my life choices. If we could get a projector to display moving ink images that would be cool.

Their Facebook page contains this description: Sometimes, you don’t want to tell a story. Old, faded memories, limned with nostalgic glow and that sense of familiarity we all take for granted nowadays.

Fun fact: Amy and Angie are twin sisters. This is the first time that they’ve been in a band together.

Release Show:

Nov 23 in Portland at The Fixin To


Icy Cold Facebook:


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