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suitcase girl

Suitcase Girl by Ty Hutchinson is set in the Golden Gate City, San Francisco. I have never been to San Francisco but it’s on the list. However, no one wants to arrive via a shipping container like the young girl known as Suitcase Girl. She was found outside of the San Francisco FBI headquarters in a suitcase, hence the nickname. Thank goodness that she survived the trip.

Abby Kane is an FBI agent who takes an interest in the Suitcase Girl. While Abby is fairly certain that they aren’t related, she and the girl are practically identical.

She decides to apply to have the girl stay with her until someone can find out if she has a family or not. Will they make the girl go back to her parents that left her in a suitcase? Was she kidnapped?

The writing and the story are fine but the ending is hazy. I enjoyed the book right up until the last chapter. It was a little disappointing that I don’t know what was going on even though I finished the book. The book had so much potential and it kind of fizzled out.

Is it because the author cannot fit all of the answers into one book? Possibly. Did the author just stop midstream so readers buy the 2nd book? Probably.


If you like a book with no definite conclusion and tons of loose ends, then you might thoroughly enjoy Suitcase Girl.

Who will not like this book? People who want answers and a neat, tidy ending.

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