Sleep Deprived Music Review: Andreya Triana

andreya triana
Andreya Triana

London native Andreya Triana released her album, Life in Colour, in 2019. I first heard of Triana while watching the So Far Sounds series on YouTube.

Personally, I really enjoy her music. It’s real and emotional but with a positive feeling to it. She’s saying “I feel all of the emotions just like you and everything is going to be fine.” The bonus is that her voice is absolutely beautiful.

She’s been compared to Lauryn Hill. I see the similarity as far as the songwriting. Both artists wear their heart on their sleeve – musically at least.

If I were in the weeds at work or at home, I could play this album and really believe that the laundry or work could get done. We’re going to make it through our day with Andreya Triana. She’s like the light at the end of a dark tunnel.




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