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At the beginning of Marking Time by April White, Saira Elian had recently moved from the United States to England. Her mother, Claire, has disappeared for a longer time than usual. Saira has been sent to England to live with her snooty grandmother, Millicent.

While exploring London, Saira accidentally transports herself to the Victorian Era. She had no idea that she had the gift of time travel. Her family members also have the ability to travel through time. Saira found her mother while on this visit to the year 1888. Unfortunately, she also found Jack the Ripper. However, she was transported back to the present time through another portal.

She meets Archer, who is a human at times and also a vampire at other times. His human/vampire status depends on when in her time-traveling adventures she meets him. Sometimes she is suspicious of him but most of the time she wants him to stay in her life at all times.

So after returning from 1888, Saira has a million questions for Grandmother Millicent. Grandmother signs her up for a special school with students who are part of one of the families of Immortals – Time, Nature, Fate, War and Death. Apparently, there are strict rules about the families intermingling. When a member of one family becomes a couple with a member of a different family, the repercussions are at the very least ostracizing the couple from the Immortal society.

Marking Time Recommendation:

If you are a fan of graffiti and sassy teenagers with magical powers, then you will probably enjoy this book.

If you are not a fan of vampires, time travel or references to Jack the Ripper, then you will be missing out on a highly entertaining book.


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