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Amari and the Night Brothers was not the ARC that I was supposed to receive from NetGalley. Thank God for small favors though! This book was an absolute delight from the front cover to the back cover. Look at the cover! It is so beautiful!!

Amari and the Night Brothers is set at Amari’s home in the Rosewood apartments and The Bureau of Supernatural Affairs. I cannot remember if there is a specific city but it could be Detroit, Chicago, or New York. Maybe even London or Sydney.

Her brother, Quinton, has been missing without a clue to his location. Quinton has the Midas touch. Everything he does is amazing. It’s hard to live in the shadow of a perfect person, especially for 13 year-old Amari. She is an incredible person but she gets overlooked all of the time, except when she is in trouble with one authority figure or another.

Amari discovers that her brother worked for the Bureau of Supernatural Affairs. She attends the summer tryouts at the Bureau. It’s mostly so she can find more clues about Quinton. Amari does not expect to be so well-known. Her brother is kind of a big deal in the supernatural world. She also doesn’t expect to have any magical powers.

It sounds cliche but the magic was within her the whole time. She definitely brings a new definition to #blackgirlmagic. You know, we all need to hear that we are magical and powerful, especially a teenager who doesn’t believe in herself. Everyone around her is so quick to judge what she can do before she has a chance to prove them wrong. They don’t even have a good reason to not believe in Amari. Her magic isn’t based on wealth or social status.

Amari already has most of those things that people need to succeed. She is smart, kind and resourceful. She just needs a couple of friends and a bit of confidence to help her fight the Night Brothers.

The Night Brothers are an interesting pair. Moreau is an evil magician, sort of like Voldemort but with a nose. Vladimir is basically Dracula, except that he needs to be resurrected to some extent. So Moreau is making plans to escape from prison and get Vladimir back to living the non-living life that he was before. So, Amari, has her work cut out for her. She has to overcome all of her insecurities and doubt. If Amari can overcome her fears, she still needs to find the strength to fight powerful magicians and hopefully find her brother.


If you liked Percy Jackson, then you will probably love this book. Also, if you are interested in books with underdogs, teenagers, and at least one good magician, then you should definitely read Amari and the Night Brothers.

However, if you are an evil magician, this book will probably make you cry the tears of a sad, creepy clown.

The Author: B.B. Alston

  • I received this book from NetGalley and The Write Reads on accident. All opinions are my own. Obviously.
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