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The setting of Abducted by Ken Warner includes San Juan, Kansas, and an alien compound among other places.

Sydney was involved very publicly in the alien invasion that was discussed in The Secrets of Giza, the first book in The Kwan Thrillers series. She was trying to save people but it didn’t go as well as she wanted it to go. So after the Malor invasion, Sydney becomes aware of an increase in alien abductions. A stranger appears on her doorstep and tells her more than she probably wanted to ever know. Then Sydney and her new boss, Bryan, try to finish the investigations that the stranger had begun.

The man in black is an interesting character, who is nothing like the real man in black, Johnny Cash. He reminds me of Agent Smith from The Matrix. He is everywhere that you don’t want him to be. The man in black is trying to keep people from investigating the alien abductions. He has his own agenda that we won’t be clear about until maybe the third book. I want to know what he wants. Why he is so persistent and annoying?

The team travels to various places in the United States and Puerto Rico. They find the alien compound. What does someone do when they find aliens? I would want to take pictures and then run very quickly in the opposite direction. What would you do if you saw an alien?

Abducted Recommendation

If you are interested in aliens, science fiction, and men in black, then you might like this book.

If you strongly believe that aliens do not exist, Carl Sagan was not a “real” scientist or that science fiction is silly, then this book was not written for you.

  • I received this ebook from the author. All opinions are my own. Obviously.

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