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a christmas wish

Happy Holidays! I hope everyone is enjoying this holiday season as much as possible. I mean, if we were in the same situation as Megan in A Christmas Wish, we would be on the run from terrorists. On the plus side, we would be stuck in a beautiful cabin in the mountains with our delightful niece and a very handsome agent, William Parker.

The setting is ideal. It is the place that anyone would want to have to be trapped in for the holidays. People pay lots of money to have Christmas in a beautiful cabin. You would almost forget that you are escaping from dangerous criminals. Honestly, I kept waiting for the agent to let his guard down, and then BAM! The criminals are suddenly in the driveway. It didn’t happen thank goodness.

Megan has custody of her niece, Nora, since her sister and parents were killed in a car accident. Megan had to rearrange her life. She was engaged to someone in Dallas, where she was a teacher. The fiance was not ready for a family so Megan moved back to Milwaukee to raise Nora. She knows that she is better off starting over.

How does Megan get so lucky to have an agent that is so kind and handsome? Would anyone else be that blessed? I would probably get some cranky old gym teacher type, like Agatha Trunchbull in Matilda.

So when the danger has passed, Megan decides to move to the town close to where the cabin is located. She found a new friend and business partner. It’s a nice small town. Of course, Agent Parker wants her to move to the town where she resides. They cannot agree so they decide to just be friends. Will they regret not taking a chance? Will Nora get her Christmas wish? What about everyone else’s Christmas wishes?

A Christmas Wish Recommendation:

If you are a fan of Hallmark holiday movies, then this is the Christmas romance for you. It is really sweet and not full of smut or anything inappropriate. My mom would probably like this book. She has watched so many holiday movies.

If you are not into the magic of Christmas with beautiful scenery and a bit of romance, then you could spend time at the Grinch’s house I guess.

Connect with the author, Leeanna Morgan:

Leeanna and her husband renewing their vows. In Las Vegas with Elvis, of course.


Leeanna Morgan website


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