Sleep Deprived Music Review: Danielle Durack

danielle durack
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Phoenix-based singer/songwriter, Danielle Durack, will be releasing a new album, No Place, on January 15.

The songs sound like Durack is making peace with her heartache. The music is relaxing and reflective. If she can make peace with sadness, can we? I feel a bit more hopeful after listening to this album.

In the video for “Broken Wings,” Durack marries the red flag. Who hasn’t been involved with someone who might as well be a red flag? I married a red flag once.

People want to think about their heartache or how not to get hurt again. There’s a reason why we love sad songs. Love and loss of love is something most people have in common. So let’s listen to this album at a cool coffee shop that will let you light a candle in memory of heartbreak. Or maybe just make some coffee and light a candle in your living room for now. Can coffee shops do casual Zoom hangouts? How would a virtual coffeehouse work?

Durack’s music reminds me of singer/songwriters from the 90s, such as Jewel and Liz Phair. Durack isn’t quite as rock and roll as Phair but their lyrics share some similar sentiments. I don’t think that Durack’s music is stuck in the 90s. The music may be influenced by the 90s but still modern.

If I could travel back to 1996 and not date my own red flag, then I would take this album with me on the time machine. We could also play it in our virtual coffeehouse.

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