Meet and Greet: Speak Easy Circus

Speak Easy Circus

Speak Easy Circus is an experimental indie/funk group doing their best to play their music and not be jackasses. Speak Easy Circus does not want to be a part of misogyny in any way, shape, or form. They have just released a new single, “Lions Should Hunt.”

Speak Easy Circus band members are Jack Avison – Guitar/vocals/keys, Jon Wallace – Sax/Keys, Frazer Laurie – Drums, and Chatonda Ridley – Bass

Well, here is a statement from Speak Easy Circus to explain why you should listen to their music:

‘Lions Should Hunt’ was written after seeing yet another advert featuring an attractive woman seductively selling a product, and feeling pissed off that so many people bought into this idea of what a man should want and should be. 

Sick of hearing that men are little more than animals who can’t control their urges.

Sick of being told that only men are interested in sex.

Sick of finding out about more creepy celebrities. 

Sick of hearing men who relate to women only ‘because they have daughters of their own’ 

But that all sounds depressing, so we decided to add in some banging beats and funky horns to turn this depressing song into an upbeat dance funk anthem. – Speak Easy Circus





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  1. I love their name, love their looks, love their music and love their attitude! Guess I love them!

    1. Me too! There”s so much to love. ❤

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