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At the beginning of Karolina Dalca, Dark Eyes, Karolina and her mother are attacked by the Shadow Forged, beings with supernatural powers. Karolina Dalca was born in Romania but was raised in Canada by her mother. Her mother doesn’t tell her anything about her father.

Up until this point, Karolina doesn’t believe in the Forged or The Dyads. She thinks that the Forged are more of a myth. The mother doesn’t survive the attack and Karolina has to go on the run to escape the Forged. She’s not sure if the Dyads are good or bad yet. I would have liked to have a better description of what they do or how they look. Maybe I missed it or something.

She knows that she is a half-vampire who doesn’t know anything about her father. She also finds out that her friend, Roman, is a werewolf. Karolina finds an address in Russia that her mom kept in a secret box. It doesn’t reveal any other secrets but it’s a start.

A vampire named Andre shows up to help Karolina find out about her father’s family. Karolina, Roman and Andre are headed to Russia.

Karolina and Andre have imprinted on each other so they are connected – probably for life. They just met – that must be awkward. What if you don’t like the person at all? Karolina still isn’t sure if she trusts Andre. Can you get un-imprinted from your soulmate? Is there a supernatural divorce ritual or something?

So Roman is kind of jealous because he also loves Karolina. What is a poor werewolf to do about losing his sort of girlfriend to a vampire? It sort of reminds me of that love triangle in “Twilight.” I was Team Jacob for a long time. I think I’m also on Team Roman.


If the book were made into a movie, this is who I would cast:

Madelaine Petsch – Karolina Dalca

Jack Huston – Roman Lupei

Charlie Hunnam – Andre

If you like supernatural books with vampires and werewolves plus a little bit of a love triangle, then you might enjoy Karolina Dalca, Dark Eyes.

I suppose if you are a Shadow Forged, the Boogeyman, or other evil creature of the night, then you might not be a fan.

  • I received this book as part of The Write Reads book tour.
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  1. Fab review and I love the casting, they would be great in those roles!

    1. Thank you so much!

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