Meet and Greet: The Mystery Plan featuring Big Supreme

the mystery plan

Who: The Mystery Plan featuring Big Supreme

What: jazz/rap

Why: We might be struggling but we’re not alone. The Mystery Plan and Big Supreme get it. They put their good vibes into this song, “Silver Lining.”

“I was truly in a period of stagnation musically. The year 2020 was a tough year all around the world, but one thing it made me practice doing is going without in order to search within and create the necessary rituals needed for survival. I came out feeling more alive than ever. I’ve never been one to force the art; but when I heard the music The Mystery Plan had put together, I just let it play and let the spirit speak through me. What came out of it was a message of hope for 2021 and beyond. Life isn’t perfect, but I truly believe that at the end of every struggle in life, there’s a silver lining,” explains Big Supreme.


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