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cold case quest: possible connections, cincinnati

What if the Cincinnati Strangler was more than one person, working separately and homicide cases became cold cases because no one is looking for another strangler? Is it possible that another person was the real killer? Was there a copycat killer in Cincinnati? The strangulations of older women in Cincinnati did not stop after the arrest and conviction of Posteal Laskey. It would be a nice and tidy way to end the story of the Cincinnati Strangler. The powers that be want to be able to say that Laskey did it and that is the end.

Unfortunately, it is probably not the end. Several years after Laskey was imprisoned, there were at least four homicides that were fairly similar to each other. Even if they aren’t connected, it would be worth looking into to see if one or more could finally be solved. Cold cases could become solved cases.

Possible Connections

The purple markers are the cases listed in this post.

Sylvia Jones, 1231 Vine St.
Cincinnati, Ohio

  • age 63.
  • Jones had been raped and then smothered in a hallway close to her apartment. The hallway was not used very often.
  • Her apartment key was missing but was later found in the lobby of the apartment building.
  • Date of Incident: 4/23/1969

Marian Wells,  2100 Ravine Street
Cincinnati, Ohio

  • age 76
  • Cause of death: strangulation
  • Wells had also been raped.
  • She was found on the floor of the dry cleaners that she owned by a neighbor and a delivery man. The apartment and dry cleaners were ransacked.
  • Date of Incident: 9/3/1970

Lorraine Hubble, 2920 Ashland Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • age 47
  • Hubble had been strangled.
  • So far that is all of the information that I can find on Lorraine Hubble.
  • Date of Incident: 2/15/1972

Elizabeth Gast, 619 Main St.
Cincinnati, Ohio. 6/6/1975

  • age 57
  • The cause of death was strangulation.
  • I don’t currently have any more information about Elizabeth Gast.
  • Date of Incident: 6/6/1975.

If anyone has any information on cold cases in Cincinnati, please contact the Cincinnati Police Homicide Division at 513-352-3542 or Crime Stoppers at 513-352-3040.

Cold Case Quest

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