Halloween Book Tag I


Halloween Book Tag I

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How about doing a Halloween book tag during a thunderstorm? Spooky weather and spooky books sound like a frightlyfully good time. This particular Halloween book tag was found at Giselle’s blog, A Book and a Cup of Coffee. Everyone is welcome to participate. Please let me tag me in some way so I can see your answers.

Best Witches!

Favorite Horror Book?

Frankenstein. It’s the best novel as far as Gothic horror.

Scariest moment in a book you’ve read?

It was a brutal crime. It was especially terrifying that they committed the murders without questioning anything.

Have you dressed up as a book character for Halloween?

One year, I dressed up as Raggedy Ann. Another year, I was the Mad Hatter.

What do you think your favorite fictional character would dress up as for Halloween?

Wonder Woman would dress up as a World War II fighter pilot.

http://geektyrant.com/news/wonder-woman-best-of-cosplay-collection. Photo by Visual Vortex

What is your favorite type of horror (gore, psychological thriller, etc.)?

Gothic Horror.

If books were as cheap as candy, which book would you give out to Trick or Treaters?

The Tao of Pooh

My Halloween TBR List:


The Death of Jane Lawrence

My Heart is a Chainsaw

The Night Will End Us

The Southern Book Club’s Guide to Slaying Vampires

Recommend some Halloween Reads!




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    Such a fantastic moment in the year for us all with films and everything turned rather spooktacular on us all. Can’t wait!

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