Tastes Like Candy: #Spooktober Book Review

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For the Spooktober Readathon prompt about a book with a skull on the cover, I chose to read Tastes Like Candy by Ivy Tholen. The book was fast-paced and imaginative. Honestly, I probably jumped out of my skin about four times while reading in broad daylight.

Synopsis on Amazon:

Everyone at Pritchett High wants an invitation to the Senior Scavenge. In 2020, Violet Warren and her friends are the lucky ones. Eight girls will break into the Poison Apple Carnival after hours for a scavenger hunt, then at sunrise they’ll gather for a celebration in honor of their upcoming senior year.

Book Review:

Violet is a talented violinist, who is waiting to hear if she’s been accepted to Desert Springs University. She wants to be in the musical composition program more than anything else. Every day that passes without receiving an acceptance letter feels like failure. However, Violet does receive a coveted invitation to the Senior Scavenge. The scavenger hunt will take place at the Poison Apple Halloween Carnival. The carnival is a Halloween themed amusement park that is open year-round.

Violet, James, Mila, Blythe, Lolly, Claire, Gracie and River are the eight girls chosen to participate in the scavenger hunt. Each girl receives a clue as to what they have to do for the scavenger hunt. Every task is related to each persons biggest fear. As if facing their fears isn’t enough, there is a masked killer stalking them. The killer hunts them so that he or she can murder them in fairly inventive ways. Will they be able to survive to celebrate at sunrise?


If you enjoy the slasher genre is any form, then you might want to take a stab at reading Tastes Like Candy.

If you don’t want to ruin any pleasant memories that you had about amusement parks, then come back to this book when you’re ready for a adrenaline rush fueled by terror. (Insert maniacal laugh here)

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